Tree Care Services


Plants that are well maintained not only enhance the physical appearance of your property, they also increase value. Taking care of your plants is vital. SW Tree Management can you give you advice on the most effective methods to promote the health and growth of your plants. Some of the methods of tree maintenance include:


When a tree appears to be declining in health, the source of the problem is usually attributed to pests or disease. If your plants are infected with pests, the specialists at SW Tree Management can give you the best treatment to ensure your plant becomes pest free. If your plants have been afflicted with some sort of disease, our team of experts can aid you by diagnosing the disease and providing you with an effective treatment to stop it from spreading even further. SW Tree Management has extensive experience when it comes to controlling pests and diseases. We want your plants to grow healthy and steadily.


Do you have trees that need chipping? Our certified arborists can assist you with mulching. We have the latest machinery and are able to complete your work in no time at all. Placing mulch over the surface of your soil maintains moisture, which improves the structure of your soil, making it a better environment for your plants to grow. If you require fresh mulch delivered to your door, we can provide it for a small fee.

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